5 Ways to Reject a Co-op

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Ugggghhh. We all know the feeling. That hiring manager you were trying to put in the friendzone couldn’t take a hint, and even though you threw the interview on purpose, they still want you on their team. Maybe you’ve already gotten the co-op you wanted, or maybe you’re playing it risky and holding out for the one. Either way, here’s 5 ways to reject a co-op offer.

“If you contact me one more time I will alert the authorities”

Short, sweet, and to the point. This message sets effective boundaries and sends a clear message that if you so much as hear a single word out of Susan from Talent Acquisition, you will be sending a full SWAT unit to her Seaport office.

“I had a great time, but after some soul searching, I’m not looking to work right now”

This might seem a flimsy excuse given all that you said in the interview, but who cares? Sleeping in till 1 and scarfing down potatoe chips is more fun than the 9-5 life. Let them know that you need to focus on yourself, and maybe forge your spring course registration for next semester to make it seem more authentic.

“I know I said yes last week, but I regret to inform you that a better offer has come my way, so I would like to humbly rescind my acceptance.”

What’s the worst that could happen? Getting banned from NUWorks? Losing academic good standing . If something better comes along, you should take it in a heartbeat. Always keep your options open.

“No Eric , I do not want to be a part of the great Freezecrowd future. This is a pyramid scheme. You’ve been trying to be the next Facebook for the last 18 years. It’s not gonna happen”

Eric Leebow does not take no for an answer. You will have to block his email, phone number, LinkedIn, Minecraft account, and maybe file a restraining order for him to get the message.

"I have a bomb"

A classic tension diffuser, this one is applicable to most, if not all aspects of life.


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