Image for GIVING BACK TO THE HOMELESS: HOW YOU CAN HELP AN N.U.IN KID NEAR YOU! kids being greeted by our selfless souls. Credit: maaninator

The holidays may be over, but the season of giving has just begun! Due to the overwhelming amount of canada goose-wearing kids filling up our streets, it's imperative we lend our displaced brothers and sisters a helping hand. As a result, we at The Husky Husky are sharing some ways you can be a good samaritan and contribute to the well-being of these lost souls.

Have any old clothes you were gonna throw in the trash? You could start a clothing drive with all kinds of Northeastern apparel (The Husky Husky merch included!), allowing them to show off their school spirit. It's a great opportunity to exploit their naivete, selling your worn-out garments for 400% more than the new ones at the bookstore. Moreover, you can finally get rid of those Lettuce Club hoodies that were mysteriously shipped to your door.

Speaking of lettuce, you could introduce them to some of the great food spots around Boston. Allow them to indulge in the exquisite fine dining experience of Northeastern Dining Services. Their mouths will be watering over the sushi bar at the five-star International Village restaurant. They'll be ogling over the chicken and rice at the incredibly popular Eatery at Stetson East. Nutrition is of utmost importance, which is why it's vital to keep these fragile children well-fed after they were forced to eat the vile cuisines of Spain and Greece.

Finally, you can give them emotional support. Adjusting to college can be an overwhelming experience, and making friends can be hard (just ask a Husky Husky writer!). You could make them feel welcomed by waking them up with fire alarms at 3am, showing that you care for their wellbeing and that you're always there to help no matter what! If that seems too extreme, you could simply leave random packages at their doorsteps with no explanation whatsoever.

We hope this short memo brings you a step closer to creating a more inclusive environment for the needy. If you find these strategies backfiring, you can send an official complaint to the email address attached below.



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