Ten Ways to Embody The Joker in your Intro to Philosophy Class

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This could be you! (Creds: ebgle)

Number One: Embrace your demented and twisted aura. 

If you can’t love your Joker essence, how will you love doing Joker acts?.

Number Two: Sit in the Darkest and most eerie corner of the room.

Claim you need the lights off in class because the overhead lighting hurts your eyes, when in reality you are Manipulating your professor into creating the ideal conditions for thinking Twisted thoughts. NEVER let your peers into your bubble of darkness (aka your mind). 

Number Three: Develop “Joker Habits” to let your professor know they are dealing with a force of Darkness. 

The Joker always says Life is one big joke. A practical joke. Against everybody. Infuse your daily Life with small chuckles to remind people that they are being Joked. Start cackling and laughing diabolically, but like a really damaged clown. 

Number Four: Write Essays about Disturbing and Heinous topics 

Normative Ethics assignment? Take this opportunity to let your professor know what you really think about babies with genetic deformities. 

Number Five: Never let Them Know your next Move

The JOker teaches us that we must always be one step ahead of the curve. Show up to class Late… then leave early. Show up to class early.. and leave late. Be Unpredictable. Have a Plan. 

Nuber Six: Intimidate Those around you with your essence. 

To be the Joker you must be the Master of Chaos, not the Master of Having Friends. You must be Scornful and terrifying. Wear scary outfits and never give greetings. Keep your loved ones and those around you in a state of suspended terror. 

Number Seven: Take LSD

Open your Mind to the possibilities of society. It is all a game and you need to become the game master.

Number Eight: Work hard, read the required material, and ask your professor about any tough topics that confuse you.

The Joker must know EVERYTHING about philosophy because it helps him understand how to deeply and complexly and insanely manipulate other people. To be the JOKER you must understand philosophy and everything about philosophy. Manipulate your professor into helping you think like the Joker by asking questions about Joker topics (manipulation, fear, terror, etc). 

Number Nine: Have a Fearless attitude 

For more information on becoming twisted, Read & Learn about Mahatma Gandhi: He had fearless attitude too.

Number Ten: Read Joker Quotes

Stay true to the source material, lest you embarrass the Joker Fandom!


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