Spooky! Co-op Fired for Dressing up as Nudist for Office Halloween Party

Image for Spooky! Co-op Fired for Dressing up as Nudist for Office Halloween Party

Tay Kitoff excited to win Raytheon's Halloween costume contest.

Boston, MA – All co-op students look forward to office parties, especially when the company provides adult beverages. But Raytheon’s Halloween costume party took an unfortunate turn when third-year mechanical engineering major Tay Kitoff dressed up as a nudist. She has since been fired, but she will receive credit for the co-op if she logs the moment on SAIL. 

“Everyone always goes as like a slutty kitten or a slutty nurse or something, which is just super boring” said Kitoff. “I wanted to be different and creative, plus my budget was kinda small. So I went with nudist! Doesn’t look like my coworkers appreciated my cost-consciousness though.”

Surprisingly, OSCCR will not be taking any action against Kitoff. “She wore a mask and stayed at least 6 feet away from all partygoers, so we really have no complaints. You can show your rack if you protect the pack!”

Raytheon’s human resources department sent out a short statement on the incident. “Look, we know dress codes have become more relaxed since quarantine. Zooming in your pajamas is all well and good, but you can’t come into work naked. Your birthday suit does not count as business attire.” 

Kitoff is also facing criticism from several nudist colonies. “Our culture is not your costume!”

It looks like Kitoff will land on her feet though. The severance pay from Raytheon wasn’t bad, and she’s already received invitations to several 2021 Halloween frat parties.


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