Op-Ed: Demon Dog Will Prevail

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Pictured: tallllll dog standing behind the fucked up husky Credit: Merch Enthusiast

As we all know from reputable news sources like Buzzfeed and Infowars, good journalism is about quantity over quality. Every journalist will publish at least one article so abhorrent that it becomes good again. I am thrilled to share mine with you now. So, with the help of friends from Northeastern’s very own Doghouse, I bring you a ranking of past and present Northeastern logos.

  1. Ass shield thing

This logo was so ass that no one, myself included, had anything to say about it other than it was ass.


  1. Paw 

While this logo isn’t exactly ugly, it has earned  its ranking for one specific reason: the testing center. The 2020 return to campus was rung in with a ‘Follow the Paws’ scavenger hunt that led naive students to their final resting place, the Cabot nose-tickling line. Because of this traumatizing association, the paw logo remains mid. 


  1. Dog but make it N

Many may see this logo and feel nostalgic, making them rank this logo higher than it deserves, but I took matters into my own hands and knocked it down a few pegs. Not only is this logo ugly, but it is also ugly. Those not gripped by nostalgia will agree, and those who are need to get some help. 


  1. N

Most look at this logo and find it boring, but one brave Doghousemember dared to search for a deeper meaning. They found the inspiring blue-collar ideals of Northeastern's past trapped inside this lonely letter. Whatever the fuck that means. (?)  


  1. Budget UCONN

Honestly, if UCO*N’s logo wasn’t so similar, this one would have been a banger. But plagiarism is frowned upon, so we mustn’t praise it. Instead, we must be upstanding Northeastern students and report it to OSSCR. I will let you guys know when they respond.


  1. Dorito dog 



  1. Leap dog 

Get it? Because of leapfrog haha. I like this logo. It gives off spry, young team that will kick your ass vibes, but I understand that it has flaws. However, Leap dog is a friend. Leap dog would never let you go to a Mission Hill frat party. I <3 leap dog.


  1. Boring current dog

For some reason, this dog is well-liked. I just feel like he is too corporate. We are still students, co-ops at most. We haven't committed to selling out yet, so why should our logo? I will leave you to ponder this all-important question and implore you to eat the rich.


  1. Tall Dog (wears men’s size 13 Nikes)

While [unnamed Doghouse member] may say that this husky makes them “proud to be an American,” others say that it makes them feel “legs.” I would have to agree that this dog is serving ‘legs,’ and if it makes people feel pride for their country, so be it. This logo is very timeless and very Northeastern. 



This logo is (rightfully) the most beloved by students everywhere. It is pure husky in all the best ways. It has no flaws. It is so fucked-up looking. Whoever designed this needs therapy and, most importantly, a kiss on the mouth. It deserves awards and NCAA championship titles. Though it is the logo of our past, it should also be the logo of our future. We must bring back the demon dog, it will make things right. I have so much more to say, but I will leave you with this:

        “Demon dog #1 is best, as it is an effective source of terror with which to enforce good behavior and Christian morals among the freshmen.” 


If you made it to the end of this article, comment below, “demon dog is sexy.” Special thanks to our friends in the Doghouse for helping out on this one, and Go Huskies!


last year

This is a good article! I like leap dog because it reminds me of leap frog and that reminds me of the leap frog game and that reminds me of my childhood

Sean Gamido
last year

I prefer legs myself

The Man in Your Walls
last year

Demon dog’s eyes lul me into a hypnosis

last year

Demon dog is sexy

last year

Demon dog is sexy

last year

Demon dog is sexy

last year

I love demon dog

last year

dhmu switching back 2 demon dog rn

demon dog is sexy
last year

demon dog is sexy

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