NU Furry Community Launches MuskyHusky in Support of BU Shower Boycott

Image for NU Furry Community Launches MuskyHusky in Support of  BU Shower Boycott

Musky Huskie photo taken shortly before the photographer passed away from the smell

Boston, MA - Boston University students have had a rough start to their semester. Not only do they have to attend BU, but they also have to cope with downright inhumane conditions in their dorms. This has prompted a group of students, led by CS major Ben Kim, to boycott showers and otherwise stink up the place until BU is able to scrape together enough money to give its students proper living conditions. Although controversial, the movement has gained traction and has become extremely popular among misguided CS students and freshmen who are getting their first taste of freedom.

The smell of this boycott was quickly picked up by the wind, carried over the fens, and promptly noticed by several students at Northeastern. Inspired by the activists at their rival institution, the Northeastern furry community have come together and launched the MuskyHusky campaign, which encourages Northeastern students to “unleash the animal within them” and “go wild” by avoiding showers and wearing fursuits to amplify their natural stench.

The Northeastern administration has yet to comment on this subject, and it is unclear whether these acts of protest will be allowed to continue. However, judging by the number of hoses and power washers that have recently been spotted around campus, the MuskyHuskies may soon have a complicated situation on their paws.


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