Northeastern Launches Person for Fall 2021 Semester

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Boston, Ma - In a largely ignored email, the Northeastern administration has announced that it will introduce a revolutionary new program available to all students at the university. The Person program is designed to give students an immersive and transformative educational experience.

This groundbreaking program will take place at the main Northeastern campus and provide an educational environment that some students may lack. Students will be able to enter a real life classroom complete with real professors and real students, giving them the ability to interact and engage in a classroom. The program also claims that students will be able to form friendships and interact with one another in a social manner that no Zoom classroom has ever seen before.

The Person program may give a plethora of incredible benefits and a barrage of new and exciting experiences to students, particularly those who have never been to a college campus. However, the Person program does demand a strict set of requirements that students must meet in order to be able to participate. For starters, students will have to be fully dressed from head to toe in order to attend class, which means that you will, in fact, have to wear pants to attend an “in-person” lecture. students must also shower and maintain a state of sobriety, a requirement that hundreds of business and computer science majors have lodged complaints about. Lastly, it is expected that students in the Person program will have to be at a Northeastern campus in order to participate.

It’s still too early to determine if the Person program is truly the next step forward in education, but we here at The Husky Husky are eager to see how the situation develops.


2 years ago

Hard to believe something like this can exist. Truly revolutionary!

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