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Here at The Husky Husky, we love to start traditions and forget about them. This year we have taken it upon ourselves to become the best trend predictors you will ever see. So without further ado, we present our highly researched and skillfully refined campus trend predictions for 2023.

Starting on a positive note, we would like to enlighten you on what you might want to add to your life this year. These things will be taking off this year, and you will want to get interested in them if you want to be a trendsetter in 2023.

1. Northeastern State of Mind You will be seeing a lot more of this music video in 2023. Drew D’Agastino is a lyrical genius and a friend of The Husky Husky community. This heat will be everywhere this year, and we suggest you head to YouTube immediately to stream this masterpiece.

2. Dumping scooters in the Charles Those who got electric scooters this Christmas season are in for a challenging semester. We predict it will become incredibly trendy to steal your friend's scooter while they are in class and ride it into the Charles River. In a few years, your friend will thank you. But this year, you will become the hero ordinary students have searched for.

3. Curry Starbucks If you have yet to try this cute little hole-in-the-wall joint, you better get in there ASAP. The mood lighting is perfect for waking up, and the workers are always so happy to see you, no matter the time of day. Their coffee is bittersweet, and their treats are always fresh. This location is going to become a go-to spot in 2023!

4. Hastings Hall There is no reason to explain why this building will be in this year other than we just found out president Taft placed a brick during its conception. That’s right, the bathtub guy left his mark here in a major way. We predict this will become THE study spot for the entire new year.

5. Trench coats These coats are going to be all over campus all of 2023. You better head down to Primark and steal yourself one before you are the last person in your friend group to do so. That is just downright embarrassing.

We want to discuss some previously trending things we believe are on the outs this year. Some may be be loved, others we know you won't be sorry to say goodbye to, but all will be necessary to ditch this year.

1. Snell Library A snooze fest if we've ever seen one. Snell Library is going to be entirely over by February. The smell has already driven thousands to relocate elsewhere, and the remaining few lost souls will also leave this drab place behind in the coming weeks. As we said, Hastings will be the place to be this year, and we suggest everyone makes the switch ASAP.

2. NU IN NU IN is going to be NU OUT this year. Students are tired of hating and are simply choosing to pretend the program doesn't exist. There is nothing left to do but simply accept how majorly uncool the program truly is and move on.

3. Seaport First-year students, save your energy. The Insta pics are not cool. The silver line is not cool. You are not cool. The wind is horrendous, and the architecture is lacking. We predict the seaport will become so irrelevant this year that it breaks off and floats into the Atlantic by September.

4. Chemical Engineering Majors There is nothing less enjoyable than asking your CE friend how their classes are going. This year we are ruling out being friends with anyone in this major. Drop those CE friends before you waste another year of your life trying to understand what they are saying.

5. Joining registered clubs Time is money, and your’s must no longer be wasted joining wacky clubs like "SGA" or "CUP." Those acronyms are just there to distract you from the fact that they’re a major snooze. We predict that joining established clubs will be out this year, and joining unofficial clubs (i.e., The Husky Husky) will be totally in.

We hope this helps all of our readers feel super cool in 2023. Happy New Year!


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I bet you thought I wouldn't comment! Ha! I have finally cleared my cookies and am able to express my feelings about this new article by Pink Freud!

last year

Great article! I haven't entered Snell Library at all this year because of it!! Or ever but that's just because I am against books. I am unsure about the Charles river scooters trend though... Seems like it will increase sea levels and the whole city will go under!

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