"Husky Dome" to Be Built over Centennial Common

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Pictured: a rendering of the Husky Dome

Northeastern recently announced plans to build the Husky Dome, a retractable dome over Centennial Common, set to open summer 2024. In an official statement, the administration said, “We needed more time to take photos of people in hammocks for all of our brochures and instagram posts. We cannot show everyone how cold it gets in Boston, or nobody from California would ever even apply. We also wanted to see more of that guy who juggles shirtless. He seems cool. But there simply aren’t enough days when it’s not cold or rainy, and our initial plan of controlling the weather turned out to be too expensive.”

The Husky Dome is intended to open its roof on warm days, but for most of the year, it will remain closed and replicate the feeling of sunny conditions using stadium lighting and fake trees. This will allow CS majors to experience the feeling of being outside without actually having to go outside.

The NUPD has also stated that this new addition to campus will help Cooper, who has seasonal depression. This is weird, since that’s not a typical condition for a dog, and the old Cooper definitely didn’t have it. I’m not saying he’s not actually a dog (#freecooper) or that he’s not the same dog (#notmycooper), but I do think it’s strange.

Because of its central location on campus, NU assured students that the dome’s construction will be finished quickly so that it doesn’t interfere with their daily activities. The administration stated that it will take a maximum of two years to finish, but in the meantime, students will have to access Ryder through a tunnel from Ruggles Station.

When it finally opens in the summer of 2025, students can expect to have year-round access to the same Centennial they knew, but without the geese that often pillage Centennial, which will be relocated outside of Boston to the wild range of Boston College. Some sources have claimed that rats may be a concern, since they will want somewhere warm to go in the winter. Most people would rather have rats than geese, and on the bright side, it will draw the rats away from the tunnels.


carter field dome
last year


last year

I say they should go bigger! Put the dome over the entire campus! Over the whole tri-state area even! The Northeastern dome should cover the whole world!

Anonymous Hamburger
last year

I love rats and believe that they will be a net positive for the Husky Dome project. We could train them to juggle and do wacky and zany tricks which will encourage more people to attend our school. Also, the shirtless juggling man will be able to retire whenever he wants to. For now, he can work with the rats. Disney's Encanto reenactors will also appreciate the rats. I think that we should have rats all over campus.

Iron Man
last year

I see a husky dome around the world

last year


last year

I will see you all at the first gladiator fight of the year!

last year

Ha! Nicely said

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